Product features

A One-Stop Phone System Integrator

A one-stop phone system integrator – from number selection to hardware setup.

Go started fast while saving on costly hardware investment through our cloud services.

Common Applications



Chargeable on a per user basis, Cloudcommunications takes your business beyond borders with international number rental and plug-and-play setup affordably.

Our solutions remain cost effective and highly versatile whether you are running phone system for your multinational operations or a small startup.



Your inbound sales process can be easily optimized through interactive voice response system and call hunting. Integrated call analytics can also further optimize your resource planning.

Make offshoring call centers a painless affair with our plug-and-play phone setups.



Your sales team is always on the move. Utilize a virtual phone on personal mobile devices to handle calls from office number to remain contactable while on the go- even overseas.

Customized Applications

Voice solutions can also be programmed as a part of your customized web/ system requirements. Contact us to learn more



Interactive Voice Response

Configure your phone to do more for you and achieve a higher customer satisfaction through getting your calls to the right agents in the shortest amount of time!


Always on the go? Set up your mobile phone to call and receive calls over your office number.


Receive missed call updates with recording clip delivered to your email account.

Call hunting

Ensure your calls are answered promptly by running calls across your agents in sequence.

Low International Call rates

Looking to serve your customers cross border? Make low-cost international calls from as low as 3 cents to China and India.

Rent an international number

Rent international numbers to anchor your local presence and allow customers to reach your business easily.

Call analytics

Greater clarity to your call volume and hours help design your call processes and optimize operations.

Helpdesk Integration

Easily integrate your phone system to helpdesk software such as Zendesk to streamline your support services.